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Why use Salt-Away?

Outperforms other products:Most concentrated high performance ingredients.Independently tested against competitor products to verify performance ranking and support product claims. BoatTEST.com
Removes all traces of salt: Minimizes corrosive effects of salt on your engine, trailer, vehicle, rods and reels.
Speeds up your cleaning time by at least 50%Apply Salt-Away combined with our Auto-Mix unit
Best value for money – 1 litre of concentrate makes 500 litres. 40-60mls is all you need to flush an engine up to 90hp plus will clean your boat, trailer and all your fishing gear. (80-100mls is recommended for engines 90 – 300hp) Financially that works out to be from as little as $1.00 per wash.
Completely safe on all metals including magnesium.

Warning – don’t take the chance of damaging your late model outboard, inboard/outboard marine engine or expensive fishing reels and dive regulators and voiding manufacturer warranties by using inferior products.  Only get the best – Salt-Away.

SALT-AWAY has a 100% money back guarantee

Recommended by leading Engine Manufacturers, and is used by  Australian & NZ Coastguard, Emirates Team NZ, Royal NZ Navy & NATO.
It has been proven that 9 out of 10 engines fail due to salt corrosion.

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