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It all started in the late 90s, when a fishing mad kiwi family, fed up with the relentless damage sea salt was causing to their fishing gear, decided to embark on a journey to stop salt corrosion.

Finding a top quality product which met high expectations was not easy, nor was it a quick process. The product had to remove salt and protect against its harmful effects, be easy to use as an engine flush and an all surface wash down while being 100% safe. Not only was this important to reduce maintenance/replacement costs but also for safety as we all know just how unforgiving our seas can be!!

The initial years were spent by the family researching and testing products and ingredients available locally and abroad. A number of specialised tests were carried out to help determine if a product lived up to its claims. Unfortunately most products disappointed.

So it was back to the drawing board for a few more years until 2003 when Salt-Away, a new product made in the U.S., was discovered. At face value, Salt-Away ticked all the boxes; ingredients contained the finest corrosion inhibitors, it was highly concentrated, 100% safe on all surfaces, non-toxic and biodegradable. An independent review by American Consumer Magazine also confirmed it performed better than competitor products, removed salt as claimed and performed well in saltwater.

But did it really work and would it hold up to New Zealand and Australian conditions?

Bottles were sent to our shores and after enlisting the specialist knowledge of marine engineers and chemists, extensive testing proved Salt-Away did not disappoint. The Wholesale Marine Direct brand and its partnership with Salt-Away Products USA was born.

Now, the family didn’t just stop there, with the help of its amazing present and past employees (Wholesale Marine Direct) and the support of Fuel treat Australia and partnerships with Mothers Marine and Brandtech they now supply an extensive range of marine products for recreational and commercial applications.

All products are guaranteed to be of the highest quality with regular rigorous  testing performed to ensure this is the case.

The same family today, behind the brand Wholesale Marine Direct, remain fishing mad and understand the constantly evolving marine industry and the need to develop new and improved products while also remaining true to their original mission of supplying quality.

Wholesale marine Direct offers great support and customer service. If you ever have any questions or would like to chat don’t hesitate to give the team a call on (NZ 0800 272 589, AUS 1800091172) or email info@wholesalemarine.co.nz .