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Please enjoy the following letters which are examples of the level of satisfaction customers experience with Salt-Away. We truly appreciate the authors sharing their experiences of Salt-Away with us. We are interested in, and welcome comments and letters from all our customers.

  • We have found SALT-AWAY to be a brilliant product and would highly recommend it to anyone in the boating industry, large or small.

    We started Exclusive Boat Haulage 2 years ago when we purpose built our hydraulic commercial boat haul trailer. We invested alot of money in our trailer so we needed to ensure everything on it was well maintained so it would endure the regular trips into the salt water.

    We installed a spray jet system into each wheel that is fed from a 45L water tank to which 250ml of SALT-AWAY has been added so everytime we launch or retrieve a boat into the tide the solution is run through the brake mechanisms.

    2 months ago we removed the backing plates off the wheels and we were very pleased to find everything was still like new.

    We have found SALT-AWAY to be a brilliant product and would highly recommend it to anyone in the boating industry, large or small. Its a small cost that can save you big bucks later on.

    JJ & Shelley Klinac

  • I can now go fishing in complete confidence that my problems have been overcome by your fabulous product

    I recently purchased a small boat with a 2001 15hp Honda four stroke that appeared to be in good condition but on my first outing the tell tale kept stopping. I poked the outlet with a cord from a whipper snipper & out came what looked like salt crystals, this happened on my next two outings on numerous occasions. I became worried that the engine may overheat so I began looking for a solution & came across Salt away. I used it twice in a tub as instructed over two days & then once more before my next fishing trip, the tell tale worked perfectly & I can now go fishing in complete confidence that my problems have been overcome by your fabulous product, many thanks.

    Les Smith, Gold Coast, Australia

  • My mechanics at Bay Marine Tauranga said this was one of the cleanest salt free engines they had seen… The guys now also use Salt-Away in their motors.

    Hi folks my name is Colin Tecofsky. I am the owner/operator of a charter boat in Tauranga. I just wanted to let you know that I first saw your product Salt-Away being demonstrated at the Tauranga boat show in 2005 and after talking to the people and watching the demonstrations on the stand I purchased some to try. As stated I have a small alloy boat in charter and it is powered by Twin Mercury out boards.

    Washing boats at any time is a pain in the arse but I am constantly amazed at how effective Salt- Away is, no need to change product just flush your engine as per instructions, clip on the wand and wash your trailer and boat and you’re finished. Now there is a couple of reasons I am letting you know how happy I am with this product.

    My boat is serviced every 100 hours and at 400 hrs I got the mechanics at Bay Marine Tauranga to check the water ways in one engine to see what salt build up was present not something that you would usually do at a service but since they needed to replace a rubber grommet at the top of the drive shaft it meant the power head had to be lifted.

    Long story short, they were amazed at the condition of the water way channels it still had the original factory coating they spray on when they assemble the engines. They asked me how I cleaned the motors and I told them I ran the motors with fresh water for around 2-3min and then ran Salt away through them for 30-40 seconds, that’s it. They both commented that this was one of the cleanest salt free engines they had seen. I am pleased to tell you that as a result of that the guys now also use Salt away in their motors.

    I was recently told about a product that has a similar name to your product and was lead to believe it was better and cheaper than Salt-Away so like anyone now days price has a big part to play when buying especially when you use it most days the amount adds up. Well I actually bought a 1 litre pack to try. The person I dealt with told me you use it the same way as Salt-Away. Well what a disappointment. Now to be fair, I used it as per the instructions and what I noticed the next day was salt crystals on the motors and also where water drips from the holes above the cavitation plates?? Next day same thing.

    OK, I wondered if I was letting it get to diluted and so when I had flushed the engines. I refilled the mixer and sprayed the boat with a mixer full. Same result, salt crystals dried all over the boat. I persevered until I had used the 1 litre container then went back and mentioned this to the people concerned and was told it was ONLY engine flush and I needed to use a different form of their product to wash the boat and trailer.

    Cheaper it may be, I don’t care if it doesn’t get salt off the boat. I don’t see how it can from inside the engines. IMHO this product is no way as good or as effective as Salt-Away in removing salt build up from my boat and motors.

    I haven’t been asked or prompted in any way to write this I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with Salt-Away.

    Best regards,

    Colin T.

  • it is refreshing to find a company that provides excellent service in such a timely manner…

    Our director of Assets/Equipment has been very impressed with the results from the use of this product and is strongly recommending it to everyone.

    As our clubrooms and storage areas face directly onto the beach front, and a large proportion of our membership reside beach front, it has been an excellent environment in which to show the excellent outcomes from using Salt Away.

    Waihi Beach Lifeguard Services Inc

  • What a product! I have since used Salt-Away several times with the same results…

    Although I have been boating for nearly 41 years, I have never used a product quite like Salt-Away.

    Another forum member recommended it and as usual (with new products), I was skeptical.

    I called the manufacturer and spoke with Lenora Meister who is the owner. Lenora guided me through the process spanning from manufacturing, lab testing, how the product interacts with the salt, development & shipment and finally, what it can do for my boat.

    She then answered every single question that I had. I explained to Lenora that others on the forum have used other household products such as vinegar and Zep Orange with excellent results for salt removal. Lenora then explained that SaltAway not only removes the salt but it removes other things like fish blood and other dirt components. Now, I was really skeptical.

    I went to West Marine and purchased a gallon of the product along with the dispenser (a necessity as it puts out a ratio of 512:1) and embarked on trying this out on my new 2010 TwinVee OceanCat with twin Suzuki 150 hp 4strokes.

    After a hard day of fishing and getting the boat salted and bloodied up, I had a prime day to test the Salt-Away product.

    I first flushed the engines, let the thermostats open and noticed the foam coming out of the exhaust. Flushing now uses much less water than before.

    I then rinsed the boat with water (not sure if this next step is necessary but old habits are tough to break) and then used the Salt-Away.

    You don’t wash with Salt-Away… you just apply and let it drip dry. The engine covers being black easily showed all the caked up salt. After the application and letting it dry, the salt was gone! Same with the boat and blood.

    What a product! I have since used Salt-Away several times with the same results.

    Anytime I find a new product that does what it claims, I want to let my fellow forum members know about it.

    Cheers, Eric
    PLANE FISH’n, Palm City, Florida USA

  • Rarely does a product come along that has me singing its praises… I wouldn’t be without it…

    Rarely does a product come along that has me singing its praises with religious fervour, but since being introduced to Salt-Away over 18 months ago, I have to say I wouldn’t be without it. I am not known for fastidiousness when it comes to cleaning the boat and fishing gear, but with the help of Salt-Away I have the operation down to a very slick and stress-less procedure.

    I have a 6.5m Osprey lock-up Hard Top, which is a bit of behemoth to clean so I have taken to using a water-blaster to speed up the operation and very effectively I might add. I put the Salt-Away in the water-blaster applicator and surprisingly; it is very economical on usage. I find it excellent at cleaning and protecting the galvanized trailer, and the water-blaster certainly ensures I get into every nook and cranny. Salt-Away also cleans and protect the brake system, the winch and the towing vehicle.

    I buy the large 3.8litre container, which seems a little expensive at first, but Salt-Away is so concentrated it goes an extremely long way � there are a lot of washes per bottle.

    Salt-Away a Saviour

    Daryl Crimp

  • stuff works so well the mechanic at the local whaler dealer are convinced I run my boat in fresh water…

    I have been using Salt-Away for about 10 years. The stuff works so well the mechanic at the local Whaler dealer is convinced I run my boat in fresh water. I don’t!

    Recently I bought a second boat, a Carolina Kit Boat, a great do-it-yourself project requiring total assembly. After getting the thing done I decided to add just one more pair of screws on the Bimini top slide assembly. The boat was hanging on davits by this time. Upon leaning over to put the nut on the bolt the boat leaned just enough to allow the cordless drill to slide from one side of the back deck to the other and into 10 feet of SALT WATER.

    Thought that’s the end of my brand new drill but wanting the drill bit a few hours later I dove down and retrieved the drill & bit. Being a curious guy I decided to take the drill apart and it didn’t look too bad so I soaked it in a pail full of Salt-Away. An hour later I dried it off with compressed air and a couple hours of Florida sunshine. Putting on a new battery I was shocked that the drill worked as good as ever!

    It’s been a week now and the drill is still ticking! Do you think they used Salt-Away on all those old Timex commercials?


    Jerry Parker, Islamorada, FL 33036

  • it is refreshing to find a company that provides excellent service in such a timely manner…

    It was nice to talk with you about my O ring needs last week. Your friendliness and attention to service was excellent. I appreciate your providing O rings and replacing the Mixing Unit. They arrived on time for the Tavares Boat Club trip from Daytona to St. Augustine via Palm Coast Fl.

    I have used and liked the product for many years and have always been pleased. Just started washing the boat with it and it really works. It also saves a lot of time and effort. I have always used it to flush the motor. We first bought it in Seattle many years ago. West Marine in Daytona also received the quart you ordered for me. Thanks for that also.

    Several of our fellow members either purchased Salt-Away or will. I was happy to tell them about the product.

    Thanks again, it is refreshing to find a company that provides such excellent service in such a timely manor and is so friendly. Best of luck for continued success.


    Dickwin Armstrong

  • I recommend the installation of these units (Salt-Away Direct Injection Kit) to anyone with a launch…

    Please find enclosed tap you kindly supplied with the Salt-Away injection unit I purchased late December ’07.

    I fitted the unit prior to going away before Christmas by connecting the injection points directly into the base of the raw water impellors on the engines. The was the closest and most convenient point to the heat exchangers on the Volvo KAMD 42 engines.

    As you know I used one Salt-Away injection unit and connected the engines via a “Y” junction and two valves. I then ran the engines up to temp following the installation and gave them a good dose of Salt-Away prior to leaving for Kawau and then on to the Barrier over the holidays.

    The obvious difference in running temps when the engines are at cruise revs – around 3200 RPM is at least 5 deg cooler – about 180 deg, which is where they should ideally run given the water temps being around 23-24 deg at this time of year.

    Needless to say, I am impressed and would certainly recommend the installation of these units to anyone with a launch.

    I will call in and pick up another 4 litre pack next time I’m in Hamilton as with all the overnight stops we had during the trip, I am down to less than 2 litres left!

    Thank you again for your technical assistance on this occasion.

    Bruce Lewis

  • I first started using Salt-Away products on the MV Independence in September of 2004. Using the mixer unit provided to wash down the boat is quick and effective and I have been very impressed with the results so far. The first thing I noticed was that there was no longer any need to squeegee the windows or chamois the stainless because these areas dried streak-free.

    There has also been a marked reduction in rust and oxidation staining on the gel coat which I guess is a result of the complete removal of salt from the metal components on the vessel. This has greatly reduced cleaning times on the vessel meaning my crew get home earlier after a long trip north. The maintenance of the rods and reels has also been greatly reduced as there is absolutely no build-up of salt or any related compounds which appear even with thorough fresh water washing. I am very happy with Salt-Away and will continue to use it through-out the 2005 season.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Jeff Strang, Independence Charters Ltd, Bay of Islands.

  • “the engine is six years old and has 800 hours on it… this is the first time I have removed the riser elbows and was shocked at how clean they are…”

    I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how well your product has worked in my boat. I have flushed my engine with Salt-Away since I purchased the boat new in 2000. It is a Mercruiser direct drive engine that although freshwater cooled the risers and manifolds are not in the coolant loop. Just raw water through them. I am enclosing a few pictures, one of the risers and the other of a manifold. This engine is 6 years old and has 800 hours on it.

    This is the first time I have removed the riser elbows and was shocked at how clean they are. No rust or clogs, just a little surface build-up which was easily cleaned. The boat shop I brought them to and who checked them was also surprised at how well they have held up. I had anticipated having to change both the risers and manifolds but ended up only needing new gaskets to reinstall them. I will recommend your product to all my boating friends. It will save any boater money in the long run.

    Thanks for the great product.
    John W Sturdivant